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Counseling Services

My name is Ms. Geri and I am your School Counselor. I wanted to share some exciting things I’ll be doing this School Year.


For grades preschool thru 5th grades – Ninja Ms. Geri will be returning! 

The kids seemed to really enjoy the Ninja Life Hacks books so I have made some new lessons introducing new ninjas this year. They are as follows:

September– Listening        

October– Organized        

December– Motivated

January– Gritty        

February– Jealous        

March– Frustrated

April– Worry            

May– Dishonest


For Jr. High, I am bringing back my recorded lessons idea but on new topics. They are as follows:

September– Anxiety            

October– Homework strategies/Organizational skills

December– Confidence        

January– Eating issues

February– Motivational skills         

March– Depression

April– Positive Mindset        

May– Cell phone addiction


In October, I am working with Student Council and some 7th grade students to do some skits with the whole school for National Bully Prevention Month. 

In November, I will be delivering a safe environment lesson to each class - Preschool through 8th grade. Besides all of that, I see many students for one-on-one counseling. I will also be doing different things like a bookclub and groups to help different kids with a variety of issues. Those will come about as the school year continues and issues arise that I’d like to address.


I’m here to answer any questions or concerns or to help in any way I can.


Thank you,


Geri Berwanger, MSEd 

Students may be referred to our on campus counselor, Ms. Geri, by parents, teachers or administrators. The counselor will see a student/group one time if there has been a concern. Parent(s) will be contacted by the appropriate person if further counseling is needed. If parents want to request for their student to meet with Ms. Geri please fill out the necessary paperwork.