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Academics at St. Gregory

St. Gregory Catholic School meets all Diocesan, state, North Central and Western Catholic Education Association standards. Besides all areas of the basic curriculum, students receive daily instruction in the Catholic faith. Parents are expected to be involved in the academic life of their child.
The academic program at St. Gregory Catholic School has been developed to help each learner work toward his/her fullest potential. Consistent efforts are made each year to provide a quality education for the whole child. Our curriculum is based on a comprehensive course of studies for each subject and grade level.
Our Christ-centered curriculum includes: Religion, Art, Music, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies.

Along with a comprehensive curriculum St. Gregory Catholic School provides:

● A full day Preschool/PreKindergarten
● A full day Kindergarten
● Student Council
● Title I assistance (for qualifying students)
● Counseling
● Before & After School Child Care
● Competitive sports programs for 5th-8th grades
● Academic Improvement Program

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