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Sports Philosophy

St. Gregory Catholic School’s athletic program is an integral part of the education curriculum, and, as such, it provides opportunities for instruction, participation, and growth. Our athletic program strives to promote a Catholic atmosphere where our athletes promote the ideals of good character: teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, hard work, self-discipline, responsibility, and respect.


Our goals are to challenge our student athletes to accentuate their Catholic values which are essential for the formation into responsible young adults and to strive to be the best they can be on and off the field and court. Students are encouraged to strive to compete at the highest level of their ability. St. Gregory will do its best to provide appropriate levels of competition for each athlete.


As a community, we meet the challenges of our athletic philosophy through the cultivation of the following values:

  • A commitment to reinforcing Catholic values that recognize the importance of God and Church and the need for community and the value of service to others
  • A commitment to achieving individual and team goals
  • A commitment to diligent preparation, fair play, and self-discipline
  • A commitment to exercise and competition which contributes to the development of an athlete’s mental, emotional, and physical well being
  • A commitment to age and skill appropriate coaching and competition at every level.

Athletic activities are a significant and valuable community effort. These activities foster loyalty, promote school spirit and student participation, and develop healthy competition and sportsmanship.


Students selected to represent St. Gregory Catholic School on an athletic team must realize that the school team requirements come first; league and club teams, for which the student may be a member, come second.